Step 6: Retail Ready Packaging Design: How many languages can it speak?

Step 6: Retail Ready Packaging Design: How many languages can it speak?

Communication is one of the most important responsibilities for a package. It must be able to effectively convey multiple messages to different people that it will encounter across the distribution chain. That means your retail ready packaging design must include the information that will aid it through the distribution chain and highlight company branding.

We often refer to language and the written word when thinking about effective communication. But when it comes to packaging, words are not the only means of communication. A distribution network can include not just humans but also automated systems before it ultimately reaches the customer. Often packages can travel a path like the following:

  • Manufacturing plant
  • Distribution center
  • Stockroom
  • Store associates
  • End customer

Words may not be enough to guide a package through electronic readers and other automated systems that move and direct it to its destination. Excellent markings and barcodes are also necessary to help these systems accurately direct the package. Many retailers are also requiring barcodes on more than one side of the package as well for more efficient checkouts.

Clear and understandable instructions are also crucial for a case to be processed effectively. Instructions can provide a warehouse employee or a retail store associate proper directions on how to open a package, where to place it, its contents, and more information useful for storing and displaying the product.

Lastly, and important to not neglect, the package must be able to effectively convey your brand message. Your package must be able to convey, communicate and convince a customer to purchase your product over your competitors’ at the critical point-of-sale moment when a customer is walking down the aisle.

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